Wed, 08th Jul 2009 | TheGreatVisionar

Last Night on the Prom

With the sudden cancellation of Cockington Proms, I am going to produce a renegade show called 'Last Night on the Prom' The venue will either be Princess Gardens or Torre Abbey meadow depending on where I can get power! Anyone who has not just spent money on a ticket, but has spent money on food, drink, picnic supplies, baby sitters etc will still be able to enjoy a FREE day out. I have to stress that I am doing this without any permission...


Wed, 11th Feb 2009 | LadyV

Hamster/Human Water Bottles

I intend to invent a contraption similar to that of a water bottle in a hamster cage. Attach it to the wall/headboard above where you sleep so that when you are too tired to lift your body out of bed to get a drink you can just pull it down and take a swig. Particularly useful for hangovers when water is very much desired but your pillow is far too comfy!


Fri, 13th Nov 2009 | Fonejacker

BBC Executives

In 2010 due to public outrage. BBC Executives confirmed that they would take a pay cut, reducing their wages from £200,000 per year to just £18,000. They said they felt guilty after squandering all of the TV licence money. They have stated however that their current expenses of approx £175,000 may have to double as they may be...


Fri, 13th Nov 2009 | greatersanta616

The word able

I have a competition every tutor time in school, and as far as i can see, my teacher is not being very good at controlling the quality of this. He is an English teacher, and he wil choose a word from the dictionary and we must think of as many words as we can that contain that word. The latest word...


Wed, 15th Apr 2009 | littlelearner

Bluetooth Kettle

A new interface will be developed for computer users. It will be called HotSwitch and will present itself as a small desktop or toolbar icon. One click, and the kettle will start heating its water. The rising temperature of the water will be tracked...


Tue, 07th Apr 2009 | MisterE

National Service

They will once again make National Service compulsory.


Sun, 25th Oct 2009 | denny

glasses smashing

There will be a better idea for making drinking glasses. So that when they smash they wont explode all over the floor and leave you with endless...


What's Hot

Sat, 19th Nov 2016 | chriskevinlee

Visionary Dictionary: The Return

It's been quiet on Visionary Dictionary for the past 5 years so I think it's now time to resurrect...


Mon, 05th Oct 2009 | sevenhills

President Blair of the EFU

For those of you that missed it basically the...



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