Wed, 08th Jul 2009 | TheGreatVisionar

Last Night on the Prom

With the sudden cancellation of Cockington Proms, I am going to produce a renegade show called 'Last Night on the Prom' The venue will either be Princess Gardens or Torre Abbey meadow depending on where I can get power! Anyone who has not just spent money on a ticket, but has spent money on food, drink, picnic supplies, baby sitters etc will still be able to enjoy a FREE day out. I have to stress that I am doing this without any permission...


Mon, 22nd Feb 2010 | Surfboy


Another brake down today resulting in 750 people being rescued, there was also the chaos with the snow and there have been some major fires over the years as well. I predict the tunnel will have its tracks ripped up and they will lay a road down instead.


Sun, 15th Feb 2009 | batteredhaddock

SatNav To Locate Your Lost Property

Precious or sentimental jewellery, or indeed any personal object of value, will be able to be impregnated with a SatNav coded laser beam fired onto it from your mobile phone. If the object is ever lost or stolen the owner can press the code number into their mobile phone and the built in SatNav will voice direct the owner to it's precise location...


Wed, 15th Apr 2009 | littlelearner

Bluetooth Kettle

A new interface will be developed for computer users. It will be called HotSwitch and will present itself as a small desktop or toolbar icon. One click, and the kettle will start heating its water. The rising temperature of the water will be tracked by an on screen window, and a notification will...


Thu, 09th Apr 2009 | Spudson

Obama offered an unprecedented 3rd term in office

Due to his immense popularity and media endorsement largly owing to his successful stablisation of the North American States, (the newly formed country comprising of USA, Canada and Mexico), President Barack Obama is offered after a congressional...


Fri, 06th Mar 2009 | ClarkeyBoy


By the end of next week I'd love to predict that these @?%&-ing roadworks on the main Dartmouth Road will be gone. God knows how much it has cost businesses not only in Brixham but other around...


Fri, 13th Nov 2009 | Fonejacker

BBC Executives

In 2010 due to public outrage. BBC Executives confirmed that they would take a pay cut, reducing their wages from £200,000 per year to just...



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